Recommended Privacy settings

Chrome on Desktop

A lot of privacy settings are enabled by default, but you select which you’d prefer.

To access the settings follow the steps below:

  • On your desktop, open Chrome.
  • Navigate to the top right of the browser and open Settings.
  • Navigate down the page, select Advanced. 
  • From “Privacy and security,” select what settings you would like to turn off.
  • To regulate how the browser controls content and permissions, Select Content settings.
  • Clear browsing data will delete your password information as well as cookies and your history of searches.

Chrome for Apple and IoS platforms

Again many of the privacy settings are enabled by default, but you select which you’d prefer.

Recommended settings for iPhone & iPad

  • From your iPhone or other Apple device, open the Chrome browser.
  • Navigate to the bottom right of the page, select More Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Select the feature you wish to change:
  • In the “Other Devices,” tab choose to have Handoff on or off.
    Handoff allows you to switch between Apple devices. 
  • In the “Web Services,” tab select whether to allow the browser to offer suggestions or send usage and crash report statistics.
  • In order to get rid of your browsing history, select Clear Browsing Data. Then choose the information you want to trash and choose Clear Browsing Data.

Google Chrome on Android devices

  • From your Android phone or tablet, enable the Chrome browser.
  • Navigate right of the address bar, select More Settings.
  • In the “Advanced,” tab, select Privacy.
  • Select what you would like to update.