Roblox is an online game creating system available on all smartphones, tablets, and computers where users can play games created by other users and program their own games. It has an extremely large user base with millions of people logging on every day to interact with each other and play games together. With interaction between users being so easy to achieve, is Roblox a safe platform for your child to be visiting?

Roblox is popular among all ages, however, with free games, creative tools and easy to use functionality, it is particularly popular among younger users. The platform does not specify a minimum age requirement and users of any age can create and join groups, chat, and interact with others. Common Sense Media rates the platform OK for users 13 and older, however, younger users may still use the platform under parental supervision.

Children of any age can create a Roblox account, but if the user is younger than 13, Roblox automatically defaults to stricter settings. These settings can be changed if there is no PIN set up by the parent. To access parental controls, add your email address to your child’s account and set up a PIN to prevent them from changing any settings. With parental controls, you control how your child interacts with other users and the games they can play.

Although Roblox uses human monitors as well as technology to moderate the site, predators can still pose a threat to your child. You can change chat settings in the privacy settings to not allow any messages to be sent to your child, or to only allow friends to message them.

When using such easily accessible platforms, conversations about safety are important. Remind your child that they shouldn’t chat with people they don’t know, and they should never respond to a private message (PM) from someone they don’t know. Remind them not to share any of their personal information online. Tell them to use their instincts and to stop talking to someone if they start to feel uncomfortable. In this instance, they should report back to you on the situation, and you can show them how to block or report the user. One more thing to teach them is to never move the conversation to a different platform without telling you, as this is a tell-tale predator red flag.  

In conclusion, Roblox can be a safe place for your child to be creative and have fun, but it requires manipulation of settings, supervision whilst using the platform, and important conversations surrounding safety.