Twitter is an
online news and social networking site. This is where you can share information
and have visibility of your community and the world around you.

There are tools provided so that you can enjoy utilizing Twitter
with confidence and regulate what you see and what others can see about you.

Changing your privacy settings

Select the cog-shaped image on your home page, choose
“Settings,” and then select the “Security and Privacy” tab to
have visibility of a list of choices for protecting your profile. Select the
“Protect MyTweets” box, and then select “Save Changes.” You will be asked
to confirm your password in order for the changes to be made.

 Control what is visible to you

 We have simplified the steps in order for you
to take action on a Tweet. Click the image at the top of any Tweet, to rapidly
access selections like unfollow, mute, block, report, and more. 


Unfollowing is the easiest
action to take so as to stop viewing a person’s Tweets on your “Home timeline”.
One can follow that person again if you wish to in the future.

This option is accessible
from the ^ in the message.

  • Locate
    a Tweet from the person you’d like to unfollow. 
  • Guide
    your mouse to be over their name.
  • Select
    the Following /Unfollow button.


Muting an account will
mean that the account is no longer visible in your twitter timeline. It is a
good way of staying connected to someone without having to view all of their
tweets. They will be unaware that you have Muted the account and they will
still be able to send you Tweets directly and you will be notified when their tweets
make mention of you.

Unlike blocking or
unfollowing, Muted accounts do not know that you have muted them.

Muting from a profile:                                                 

  • Navigate to the
    profile page of the account you want to mute.
  • Select
    the “overflow” icon  
  • Choose Mute from
    available choices.


Blocking an account
will curb the account’s ability to communicate with you. Blocked accounts will
not have visibility of your Tweets and you will no longer have visibility of
their tweets. The account holder will not receive notice that you have blocked
them, but will know if they attempt to view anything on your profile.

Blocking from a

  • Navigate to the
    profile page of the account you want to block.
  • Select the
    more Image.
  • Choose Block from
    the choices given.
  • Choose Block again
    to confirm.


If you feel that an
account is in violation of the Rules and Terms of Service of Twitter, you
should report the offence. This could be violations such as sensitive media,
impersonation, abuse, and spam. Reporting can be a little time consuming but
will ensure that it remains a great social media platform.

Visit here to report

Control what others have visibility about you

Protect your Tweets

Protecting your
Tweets will only allow your followers to see them. If you protect your account,
you will be able to have the ability to decide if you wish for someone to
follow you. This will not affect any accounts that were already following you.

  • Navigate to Privacy
    and safety
  • Select the Tweet privacy 
  • Tick the area adjacent
    to Protect my Tweets
  • Select the Save button
  • You will need to
    enter password at this stage

Photo tagging

Although this is a
good way of remaining in touch with others, you can choose to make this more
private and then decide who, if anyone should be able to tag you.

To Tag people in a

  • Select “Tag
  • type in a name, or
  • Select Done. 


Locating friends and
others can enhance your experience. It is as easy as using a phone number or
email. You may however wish to change your settings in order to not be
discovered so easily.

  • Open your Privacy
    and safety
  • At the Discoverability section, the
    following choices are available:

                –  Allow people to locate you from your email

                –  Allow others to locate you from your phone

                –  Click on either      
  • Select Save.

Sharing your location

The platform allows
you to decide if you wish to include your location with every Tweet. This could
be helpful but unfortunately you do not know all of your followers and this
could expose you to danger. You must therefore be very wary of sharing your
location. Location is not enabled by default.

How to remove
location data 

  • Log in to your twitter
  • Navigate to Privacy and
  • In Privacy, search for Tweet
  • Select Delete location information.

For more and all
settings please refer to the following site:


Snapchat is an app that
allows you to share photo’s and videos. The content that you post on the platform
disappear within a few seconds of viewing. The video and photo content is labelled
a “snap.” Snapchat allows you to set the duration that the Snap can be seen. The
receiver of the Snap has to allow the snap to be visible before it disappears

Snapchat has more than 100
million daily users and about 50 million of those users are in the 13 to 17 year
age range, making the understanding of Snapchat privacy imperative to parents. 


Snapchat Privacy for Parents

Instruct your children
that photo’s or videos that they do not want to be in the public domain should
not be sent to anyone. There have been incidents of hacking on Snapchat which
could compromise the privacy of the snap

It is possible to take a
screenshot of the images / videos that are intended to be short lived even
though most people think the Snap will disappear.

Never allow any content
from strangers.

As a default rule, only
‘Friends’ that you have added on Snapchat can directly contact you or have
visibility of your Story.

If you wish to alter your
privacy settings, this is what you must do:

  1. Select the settings button in the Profile screen to launch Settings
  2. Navigate down to the ‘Who Can…’ area and tap an option
  3. Select an option, then select the back button to save the selection.

You can choose from the

  • Who Can Contact Me: Elect who can contact you directly.
  • Who Can View My Story: Elect who has visibility
    of your Story. Select ‘Custom’ if you would like to block specific friends from
    viewing your Story
  • Who Can See My Location: Elect who has visibility of
    your location on the Snap Map. Your location will not
    be visible on the Map until it is opened for the first time
  • Who Can See Me In Quick
     Elect who has
    visibility in “Quick Add”.

A few things to remember:

  • Although you may select ‘My
    Friends,’ the feature “Group Chat” means all people within that group will be
    able to interact with you. To have visibility of the members of the group prior
    to committing, just press and hold on the name of the group in the Chat screen.
  • If you select ‘My Friends,’ Snaps
    sent from non-friends will not be visible to you — A notification will be sent
    to you that you were added as a “friend”. You will then be able to view the
    Snap if you “add” them as well.
  • If you were to select ‘Everyone’
    for the category ‘Who Can Contact Me,’ all Snapchatters will be able to send
    you snaps and view your snaps
  • If you decided to add a Snap to
    your Story, and subsequently alter your settings so as to allow only friends to
    have visibility of your Story, all other users could have visibility of prior

Top Tip:

 If you wish to select that you get Snaps from
“Everyone” but notifications will only be sent to you when “Friends” are
snapping you, you are entitled to alter your settings in “Snapchat Settings” –

Block or Delete a “Friend”

Delete a Friend 

A person will have visibility to
all public snaps, but will not have visibility of your Private Charms or
Stories if you select to remove them from a friends list. They could still Chat
or Snap you however as this is dependent on your Privacy Settings

To remove a friend from your friends

  1. Swipe to the
    right to navigate to the Friends screen
  2. Click and
    hold on the chosen friend
  3. Click ‘More
  4. Click ‘Remove


  1. Swipe to the
    right to navigate to the Friends screen
  2. Click on a Chat with
    the selected friend
  3. Click settings in
    the top-left corner
  4. Click ‘Remove

If you remove, block, or mute someone they will not be visible on the “Discover screen”.

Block a Friend 

On blocking a friend, they will no longer have
visibility of your Story or Charms or have the ability to send you Chats or

To block a friend

  1. Swipe to the
    right to navigate to the Friends screen
  2. Click and
    hold on the chosen friend
  3. Click ‘More
  4. Click ‘Block


  1. Swipe to the
    right to navigate to the Friends screen
  2. Click on a Chat with
    the selected friend
  3. Click settings in
    the top-left corner
  4. Click ‘Block

Unblock a Friend 

These settings are reversible and you can always
revisit your decision and unblock friends, they will then have visibility of
your published content.

To unblock a friend…

  1. Click your
    profile icon in the top-left corner
  2. Click on
    this icon  to access Settings
  3. Navigate
    down and click Blocked

Click the ✖ icon next to chosen person to unblock the friend