To start things off, what is digital risk protection?

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is the practice of protecting organizations from cyber threats during digital transformation. Instead of reacting to cyber threats once they’ve occurred, cybersecurity strategies move to a more proactive approach to protect the organization from threats before they arise.

When we hear the term “Digital Risk Protection”, we usually think of safety measures such as antivirus software, however this is not the case. Digital Risk Protection is the act of monitoring and responding to anything relating to your brand(s) on the internet. So, why is it so important for businesses to apply Digital Risk Protection?  

Exposure to cyber attacks can lead to many different problems for organizations, such as loss of intellectual property, loss of personal identifiable information or, in serious instances, regulatory fines. Digital Risk Protection protects organizations from unwanted exposure of their data and provides insights on threats from the open, deep, and dark web.

By using such a service, data pertaining to your brand, identity, and general digital footprint will be monitored, alerting you if security breaches are found and identifying threats before they become cyber-attacks.

Reputation is equally as important in business. If sensitive data or harmful information were to leak about your business, true or false, it could cause irreparable damage to your organization and those associated with it. This can be prevented with the use of Digital Risk Protection.

Digital Risk Protection allows organizations to freely and fearlessly embrace the digital transformation needed to succeed in a rapidly paced era like today. The solution you may be looking for is CyberSharp Protect, a Digital Risk Protection platform that covers individuals and businesses alike. Protect yourself, your business, and your family through a single platform.