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The holistic solution for schools

CyberSharp provides a multifaceted educational solution to schools that is designed to equip children with the skills they need to be safe and smart online.

 The student online learning platform includes fun and interesting content through learning modules on an ongoing basis that is age appropriate and relevant. The platform includes rewards and certificates and an anonymous reporting tool.

The educator’s platform includes many useful resources, teacher guides and student analytics and reports. Parents also get access to a platform to track children’s progress, view resources, get parent tips and stay abreast of current news.

 CyberSharp has partnered with industry leading specialists in the fields of legal advisory services to schools, professional speakers on the topic of social media, counseling of psychological issues related to cyber incidents and insurance cover for cyber related claims against the school.

Online Learning Platform

Hosted Learning Platform

Fully hosted cloud solution
Simple setup and configuration
Functionality to manage school polic

Rich and Dynamic Content

Relevant, fun and age-specific content
Ongoing positive reinforcement
Updated on an ongoing basis


Online Courses and Lessons

Short, focused and informative
Awarded with Badges and Certificates
Teacher and Parent Guides

Reporting and Analytics

Provide valuable feedback to educators
Insights for parents on children’s progress
Monthly report pack provided to schools


Resources and Case Studies

Teacher, student and parent resources
Relevant South African Case Studies
Latest info on social media applications


Relevant Updates and News

In platform updates on cyber issues
Updates on legislative changes
Updates on app security changes

Age Appropriate Learning

The CyberSharp Learning Program delivers the learning modules in 4 separate phases to ensure that the content is created perfectly for each age group.  

Our content development team spends time making sure that each and every lesson is easily understood by the children.


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